September 28, 2006

It's Not Easy Being Green

Last night for dinner I made a pasta carbonara dish. I got the idea from Holly's blog except I pumped up the fat by making an alfredo sauce. Along with it I managed to tweak my sauteed haricot verts and they came out mmm, mmm, good.

Now, FM#3 takes after CeanBounter in his disgust of all things 'vegetable'. Honestly, the kid can't stand vegetables. But I made him eat the green beans. I heard someone somewhere say you had to offer something 30+ times before a child will come around. I'm up to around 20-25. Time's running out.

But I put the green beans on a fork and FM#3 willingly opened his mouth and chewed. He got the pirate face. You know, that face you get when you suck on a lemon? With the one eye that goes closed? Except these were green beans, for goodness sake! But he swallowed them.

After a while I put more on the fork and he grabbed his milk cup and started guzzling. Everytime he'd put his cup down I'd put the fork up and he'd grab the cup again. His brothers loved this show. At least I found a way to get him to drink all of his milk. Hey, that organic stuff is expensive! After a while, the milk was gone and there was no other choice than to eat the green beans. In they went.

Pirate face. Gagging. Smiling. Chewing. Gagging. Coughing.

I told him to swallow. He said, "Hold my hand."

The Clapper

We've lost our DVD remote. That means we can't rewind the scene over and over again on our favorite parts. We have to use the TV remote which is an inferior substitute.

To complicate matters, we've now lost the TV remote. FM#3 and I were home alone. I put him to bed and skipped, happily bounded, went downstairs to enjoy my only night of network TV. The New Adventures of Old Christine, love it! What?! No remote?!

I looked everywhere and I do mean everywhere. Couch cushions, in the dark recesses behind the TV, DVD drawers, cabinets, under the couch, kitchen, fridge, pantry, trash can, office, bedroom, back upstairs.


I came to the conclusion that FM#3 must have some secret hiding place for the remotes and wherever the TV remote was, there we would joyfully find its cousin, the DVD remote. I'd ask him the next day. Meanwhile, I'll just sit here and enjoy my show and try not to go crazy without a remote during the commercials.

Oh, what the heck. Why not check the obvious place? I mean I have looked EVERYWHERE! I opened the official Remote Control Drawer and, voila! TV remote! Who put that there?!

Alas, the DVD remote is still MIA.

September 18, 2006

Not exactly my cup of tea

I have a few ninos en mi casa. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I might one day have to buy a cup, and by that I mean the athletic-protect-your-sensitive-man-parts kind of cup. Several thoughts occurred to me:

what do they look like?

how are they installed?

how do they stay put?

do you try it on before you leave the store?

will they be bulgingly embarrassed if they end up being the only ones in class with one?

What to do?

Send the husband.

For some reason he was less than enthusiastic himself and felt perfectly confident that I could accomplish the task. In the words of Dana Carvey's George H. W. Bush, "Not gonna do it."

So CeanBounter took my bittle loys to Cups-R-Us and they came out with what might be called "the coolest cups" in the world of cups.

So we're good here.

September 12, 2006

Treadmill? You mean the quilt rack?

Wow! It has been a while. As I told the Library Lady the other day - been up to my eyeballs in school, scouts, and co-op.

School - Chugging right along. FM#1 is doing well. FM#2 loves his math fact sheets (bless his heart) and I decided to start him in a spelling workbook. FM#3 likes to color.

Scouts - We had our first den meeting this week. We've got some sharp-looking scouts. I'm really excited about this year. Being the den leader I have to wear the oh-so-attractive scout uniform. Shirt only really. It's at the alterations shop right now. I'm having it altered to look a bit more feminine. I've probably committed some heinous crime against the BSA for altering the uniform. Seamstress Jennie is putting in some darts and what-not to make me look like I have curves that I don't, because let's face it, I am not tucking that shirt in! I haven't tucked since the early 90's.

Co-op - FM#1 is managing to keep up with the reading. FM#2 has made new friends. FM#3 eats the other kids' snacks. Me and my fellow LG teachers are managing to fill the three hours more than adequately. I get home and crash!

Tile - Thank you all for your concern. I just can't bring myself to go looking again. I know I need to do it and I will, but.....

A chica de mi iglesia even encouraged me. This after our pastor announced from the pulpit that I needed prayer for my tile situation. Tongue-in-cheek, of course. His wife has been helping me with tile and colors and such. I'll prolly venture out this weekend. Until then I'm using the aforementioned tile as a huge trivet.

Oh, my under cabinet lights are pooping out. Mi esposo says it's because I leave them on all day and they get muy caliente. You'd think if we can put a man on the moon we can design a fixture that can withstand the heat of a halogen. Or maybe not invent a light bulb that gets as hot as a halogen!

So who has time to exercise?