September 28, 2006

The Clapper

We've lost our DVD remote. That means we can't rewind the scene over and over again on our favorite parts. We have to use the TV remote which is an inferior substitute.

To complicate matters, we've now lost the TV remote. FM#3 and I were home alone. I put him to bed and skipped, happily bounded, went downstairs to enjoy my only night of network TV. The New Adventures of Old Christine, love it! What?! No remote?!

I looked everywhere and I do mean everywhere. Couch cushions, in the dark recesses behind the TV, DVD drawers, cabinets, under the couch, kitchen, fridge, pantry, trash can, office, bedroom, back upstairs.


I came to the conclusion that FM#3 must have some secret hiding place for the remotes and wherever the TV remote was, there we would joyfully find its cousin, the DVD remote. I'd ask him the next day. Meanwhile, I'll just sit here and enjoy my show and try not to go crazy without a remote during the commercials.

Oh, what the heck. Why not check the obvious place? I mean I have looked EVERYWHERE! I opened the official Remote Control Drawer and, voila! TV remote! Who put that there?!

Alas, the DVD remote is still MIA.

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