January 29, 2007

Xanax, Por Favor?

Over a week and a half since I posted? Time flies when you're on the verge of a panic attack.

We're going into Week 2 with our newest family member, Daniel. He's quite a skilled craftsman with abundant patience. Sabe ingles muy poco. And my Spanish is about 20+ years old.

I was good with two dining tables and 16 chairs in my den. Then came the stove. And the dust. Then there was that day that we couldn't go into the kitchen. I swear the refrigerator was taunting us. And then the back door was off limits and we could only get the front door open about a foot and a half because my china hutch was in two pieces in my foyer.

I'm excited because I think when this is all over I'll be really good at hopscotch!

And Spanish!

January 17, 2007

Ice Panic of 2007

Well, it finally made it - a day late. The drizzle, barely freezing temps, kind of a let-down.

The boys think the icicles are cool and have been outside banging the ice off of everything. I'm sure the noise attracted the neighbors and CPS will be knocking at our door any minute wondering why the children are not in school. Have you never heard of recess?

"Please, can we stay outside? Besides, the icicles are melting."

"What's the temperature?"

"33.3 and rising by the second!"

"Okay, but wear real shoes, not houseshoes. And gloves."

The Tree is down, courtesy of CeanBounter. I'm glad because now I have to start getting ready for the Flooring People.

Yes! I said it! I did it! I Made A Decision!

With a TON of help from HolyChow. She came down for a week and dragged my sorry wiffle-waffling behind around to every flooring store west of the beltway! Wood in the den and tile everywhere else. The wood is scrumptious, hand-scraped, warm, yummy, golden, gooey...no, wait, I'm describing chocolate chip cookies. Anyway, it will look really nice next to that stone behemoth of a fireplace.

A friend's husband asked me about The Flooring on Sunday. I was so excited...he was the first person to ask since I made The Decision. I jumped when he asked and I might've squealed a little. I think I startled him with my excitement. Seriously, this has taken me a year and a half. I think I'll go raise a toast to myself and HolyChow.

Only family would do something like that. Gotta love that chica!

January 9, 2007

Support Group

Thank you all for your support of my procrastinating ways. We have a fake tree, otherwise, as TeacherPerson so wisely stated, it would be almost entirely in our vacuum cleaner bag (assuming, of course, that I vacuum).

I must admit that I rather enjoy the little white lights. They brighten up the joint. I'm thinking once the tree comes down I'll put some little white lights on something around here, like the fake topiary in the foyer.

What's feeding this procrastination is the ridiculous number of ornaments we have. I'm going to count them when I take them down and tell you exactly how many we have. I should go with a theme, like snowmen, my favorite. I have some fabulously terrific (!!!) snowmen. Glass, fabric, handmade, and several specialty ornaments I like to call Bartnetts.

Or perhaps next year I'll just buy outrageously large ornaments. So large that ten will cover the entire tree.

But let's hope the tree comes down soon, preferably before we have to start calling it the St. Valentine's Arbor de Amor!