June 28, 2007

Does that come with a guarantee?

We went to Day Camp earlier this summer. It was hot. When I went to training prior to Day Camp, the training lady said it would be hot and we'd probably lose about 5 pounds by the end of the week.


I gained three.

I waited to post this tidbit of news, hoping the 3 lbs. would disappear as quickly as they appeared. They didn't.

So now you know.

June 26, 2007

I Know Him!

The other night my husband and I were watching TV. A Lowe's commercial came on. The guy in the commerical was looking at one of those high-efficiency front-loading washers and dryers. They were red.

They zoom in on this guy and I said, "That's Don Stephenson! I went to junior high and high school with him!"

CB did not believe me.

See, he has this thing. He sees people he went to high school with. All the time. Everywhere he goes. It's spooky.

Me? I never see anybody I went to high school with because I didn't go to high school here.

It was really neat seeing Don in that commercial. He looks the same - only older.

Don was very talented back in the day. He could sing and dance and act. He was funny. A real entertainer.

I found out Don was an actor when I ordered our 20th high school reunion book. There he was, living in New York. So I googled him and found out he was in The Producers and had married into a well-known Broadway family. He's Frank Loesser's son-in-law. Guys and Dolls.

What amazed me was that Don had actually pursued what to most would've been a passing fancy, a childhood interest. But it turned out that was his gift. And he's been quite successful.

When we were little and people would ask us, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" How many of us are doing that?

Not me. I thought I'd be an architect. Because Mr. Brady was an architect and the Brady's had the coolest house and I was going to grow up and be an architect and design a cool house like theirs.

So they next time you see the Lowe's commercial with the red washer and dryer and the guy getting calls from his family on his cell phone, you can say, "That's Don Stephenson! Mazy went to high school with him!"

June 20, 2007

Bowling for Ants

Well, the ants are losing their appeal. I'm not finding them so fascinating anymore. They've come into this house everyday since Sunday. From under the window sill by the kitchen table. Which is now caulked. CB and I couldn't find where they were coming in from outside either. But we sprayed anyway. Just to have the rain wash it away. It rains every day so that's not helping.

This particular group of ants prefers FM#3's high chair. Let it be known that I sweep almost every day and I clean his tray after every meal. This group has a very keen sense of smell.

Case in point: the cleaning ladies came yesterday so the floor was really, really clean. FM#3 dropped one drop of his ice cream and within 5-10 minutes they had detected it and come in FROM OUTSIDE! Not a lot. Maybe 6 or 8. Just the scouts, I think. But I couldn't see where they were coming in. Annoying.

Back to the ice cream.

Some friends asked us to go bowling yesterday. Lovely surprise. We had a great time. We discovered that three of the four of us really, really like bowling shoes.

It didn't take FM#3 long to catch on to the object of the game. His big bro helped him push his ball down the lane and when it knocked over quite a few pins, he threw up his arms and gave a big, "Woo hoo!!!"

His ball got stuck in the lane twice. It was going so slow it just stopped.

I wish I had video of my two older boys. Their technique was quite, um.....interesting. Not a lot of bending at the waist which just results in a horrible cracking sound when the bowling ball hits the wooden floor.

Ouch. Wish you could've been there.

Afterward, since it was so hot we stopped for ice cream.

Today I'm sore in strange places.

But now I think I have to buy bowling shoes.

June 12, 2007

National Lampoon's Appalachian Vacation

I have to tell this funny story about Clark Griswold, I mean, my Dad. He and his wife recently purchased a camper. He says it's called a hybrid. It looks like a hard-sided fifth wheel, but it has pull out beds on each end like a pop-up.

Dad and Helene took the camper out on its maiden voyage recently. They live in a lovely mountainous part of the country where the scenery is beautiful and the weather is mild.

Dad had the camper hooked up to his car. They were all ready to head for home when Helene went back inside the camper to get them each a soda for the return trip. Unknowingly, Dad took off for the dump station with camper in tow with plans to return to the campsite for Helene.

When he got to the dump station he heard this banging on the inside of the camper and wondered what it was. He opened the door and found Helene sitting on the floor of the camper - red hot mad (his words, not mine). He said he made the mistake of asking her what she was doing there.

Helene is fine, and remarkably, Dad lived to tell me this story. In his defense, he said they took separate cars so he thought she was in her own car.

I'd stick to that story if I were him; however, I bet Helene will think twice before she decides to grab a soda for him ever again!