May 29, 2006

Celebrate Good Times. Come On!

FM#2: Today is Opposite Day.

Me: Opposite Day? Where'd you learn about Opposite Day?

FM#2: Spongebob. He taught Patrick and now I'm teaching you.

Me: You don't think I know about Opposite Day? I used to play it when I was little.

FM#2: Opposite's a celebration...of opposites!

May 28, 2006

Rhog Blyme

Where is Mazy, where could she be?

Has she forgotten her B-L-O-G?

"Of nourse cot," she says, "been under the weather."

"After dee thrays of a migraine, now I'm all better."

Migraines? Oh my! I thought they were gone!

"They were, but hormones are awfully strong."

"Just letting you know things are a bittle lit crazy."

"I'll blog more soon or my name ain't Mazy!"

May 23, 2006

A Swimming Tribute

Mojo (2004-2006)

Today we bid a loving farewell to Mojo. He joined the family in early 2004 when FM#1 got him for a scout project. He was FM#1's first pet.

His color was brilliant. Deep blue, burgundy, and a touch of turquoise.

Sometimes he would "sleep" at the bottom of his bowl. Sometimes he would swim around so vivaciously that he'd move around the stones that line his bowl. When you shook the food he'd swim to the top of the water.

We enjoyed him and he fit into our family quite nicely.

He will be missed.

(Burial will be in the backyard tomorrow morning.)

May 22, 2006

Buy Low, Sell High

WOW! No. 1 in market return! I know one of their executives personally and this company is in good hands! Our very own, CB. In fact, he's only been there 5 or 6 years. Coincidence? I think not.

May 20, 2006

Leave and Cleave

I went to a wedding today. It makes me so happy to see two Christians get married. This is a sweet couple. The groom is from our church. I've known him ever since he was a boy (who loved Legos).

I cried.

I cried because sometimes something is so good you just cry. I cried at the message Pastor Bob IROACOMWTP gave. I love that reminder of what God intended for marriage; that coming together forever; that growing old together. I love thinking of the man I'm joined to forever. He's perfect.....for me. God really knows what he's doing.

I also cried because of the way this leaving and cleaving is 'goodbye' in a way. I watched the groom's mom talk to him at the car just before he and his bride drove away to begin their life together. In that private moment it was a mom saying something to that child she craddled in her arms, and rocked, and kissed, and doctored, and bathed, and dressed, and fed, and taught, and cheered for, and prayed for, and worried about, and grasping that one last sliver of a moment with her child, just the two of them in that moment before he goes off to be a husband, to become one flesh with his wife the same way she did with her husband. I cried because I know I'll be there one day. And I'll have to do it three times.

We raise them for that, don't we? We pray for that, don't we? We beseech God to give them a godly spouse that believes the same way they do; that wants the same things they do; that is of the same mind as they are in the raising of godly children. We raise them to do just this and then when that day, how hard it must be to let them go. I know now how my mom felt when I got married. I just didn't understand it then. I wasn't a mom then.

Although this mother and father will never again have their family of three, they rejoice in God's good blessings and providence. Their family has gotten bigger...and it will only get bigger still because they will give you grandbabies!

Got to go blow my nose. I cried again.

May 18, 2006

Thought for the Day

How come when you spell "palindrome" backwards, you don't get "palindrome"?

May 17, 2006


Last night I had planned to make Taco Salad for dinner. One of our Canadians at church made one Sunday night for Prayer Meeting dinner and it was good, eh. I had been jones-ing for more ever since. When I told the resident men my dinner menu they were none too excited. See, the taco salad was meatless and, well, we just don't do meatless. My response was that if no one liked my idea, they could come up with one of their own. My husband said he'd stop by the grocery store on the way home and pick up a rotisserie chicken and tortillas. When he got home, sans chicken, he announced that he abandoned that plan and was instead taking us out to dinner!



It's been a slow week which is not a bad thing. I'm not complaining. School...scouts...swimming.

I goofed around with HTML until I got it right. I need to learn that - or Javascript. A little at least. Just looking at it reminds me of those C programs I had to do in college. File lab...PUKE! See, boys and girls, in those days hardly anyone had their own computer. We had to trek over to the Fermier Building or the library (the LRC waaaay up on the top floor) and wait for a computer. That was back in the days of the floppy disk, the dot matrix printer, the cassette tape, and bowheads. Remember them? I was a bowhead some days. I remember with fondness a blue chambray bow I had. And a big red floppy one. And a white one. Good times.

May 15, 2006

Love Cakes

This is what all the menfolk in my house made for me on Mother's Day. It was delish.

I also got two handmade cards (my favorite) made by precious hands.

Sunday worship was refreshing. Pastor Bob "I ran over a chicken on my way to Poughkeepsie" delivered a good sermon on fasting.

May 13, 2006

Hold Please

My current cell phone has never had a call-waiting feature. When a second call comes in, my phone tells me who's calling, but it's only mocking me since it won't actually let me answer that call. I've pressed every button on that phone. Until today.

It's not that I have call-waiting that's so amazing. It's how I know I have it. I suspect something got activated when my husband added his dad to my account recently, but still, I never would've known had my mom not insisted I give it another try. She called me on her cell and then from her land line. She had me answer the land line; go back and forth between calls; hang up with one and figure out how to get back to the other one. Folks, I now have full-blown call-waiting on my cell. I'm uptown! And all because of my mama. Who else would insist as only a mom can and then walk you through the whole thing making double sure you can do it? Only a mama would.

After this and especially since tomorrow is Mother's Day do I reflect on all she's done for me. When I look at the things I do for my FM's, my mama did those things for me. When I couldn't feed myself, she fed me. When I cried, she soothed me. She picked me up from school when my mean 2nd grade teacher, Miss Black, was so mean I got sick. She bought me that first real bra the day before the 6th grade field trip. Why did my shirt have to be so clingy? She gave me volumes of advice on boys. She spent hours coaching me when I tried out for majorette and again for Flag Corps. She worried herself sick when I was out with friends. She instilled in me my affinity for neatness. She taught me well about Christ and what He did for me. She supported me through all of those hard and lonely times at A&M. She encourages me to cook more and be more patient with my children. She loves her grandchildren and thinks they're the most beautiful and intelligent children ever and she loves her son-in-law. She's always there to hear my mundane stories and my gripes. That's my mama and I love her.

May 10, 2006

I seemed to have so much to say...

...before I got this billy slog. Now nothing comes to mind, so I'll just recap the day for my fam across the miles.

Slow school day. Lots of reading. Plodding through the Middle Ages. Future Men #1 & #2 are enjoying King Arthur so they run around with swords and shields all day. FM#3 joins in, too. How does a king go? "King go, "Ho, Ho, Ho."

FM#2 decided last night at dinner that he was going to have dual careers - a chef part of the day and a baseball player the other half. He was determined to make all of the meals today. He succeeded in making breakfast for his big bro (muffins and fruit) and he dictated the dinner menu to me and his father (chicken and a noodle concoction). He confessed during dinner that he didn't like the noodle concoction, but I told him he had to eat it since it was his recipe. He managed to choke it down so he could have lemon snaps during devotions.

The drawings for the new built-ins are approved and they say they'll start cutting tomorrow. Very exciting to be making some progress on my interior decorating. The tricky part is unloading and moving our current entertainment center. That should be a real booger. I want to get rid of it, but my peetie swie doesn't.

As for losing weight: Wouldn't it be nice if you could get calorie credits for the things you resist? Like Sonic, which I resisted today. I ordered the kids' meals and drove away without one of my own. Mmmm, tots. I've also resisted the oreos in the pantry and the lemon snaps. Still, no calorie creds. What's up with that?

Experiment in this passe form of communication

For years now my primary blog has been over at Xanga. Admittedly, I haven't blogged in months, but recently visited my site just to see if it was still there. I was disgusted in the sidebar ads appearing on my page. Xanga has upped the sleaze factor on their sidebar ads and I will stand for it no more! I will attempt the tedious task of switching to Blogger. No ads. How refreshing!

I've decided to try to transfer my Xanga posts here. Ultimately, I'd like to transfer all of them, but that may be more tedium than even I can stand. So bear with me while I experiment.

Here goes...

May 9, 2006


Oh the pressure! Overwhelming was the guilt of reading every blog I could get my hands on while not having one of my own. I finally caved. Okay, not so much. All I needed was a nudge from somebody and that somebody was my friend in crime, Shellers. We've been going on and on about starting a blog and I guess we've put our money where our mouth is. Plus, I thought this would be a new and different way to share my daily musings with my fam - and the rest of the free world.

I make no promises here - no nuggets of wisdom - no humor - no edge of your seat suspense. Just the ramblings of my life which is usually pretty repetitious. But I'm not complaining. Thanks be to God for business as usual.

So, rump in and jide with me!