May 10, 2006

I seemed to have so much to say...

...before I got this billy slog. Now nothing comes to mind, so I'll just recap the day for my fam across the miles.

Slow school day. Lots of reading. Plodding through the Middle Ages. Future Men #1 & #2 are enjoying King Arthur so they run around with swords and shields all day. FM#3 joins in, too. How does a king go? "King go, "Ho, Ho, Ho."

FM#2 decided last night at dinner that he was going to have dual careers - a chef part of the day and a baseball player the other half. He was determined to make all of the meals today. He succeeded in making breakfast for his big bro (muffins and fruit) and he dictated the dinner menu to me and his father (chicken and a noodle concoction). He confessed during dinner that he didn't like the noodle concoction, but I told him he had to eat it since it was his recipe. He managed to choke it down so he could have lemon snaps during devotions.

The drawings for the new built-ins are approved and they say they'll start cutting tomorrow. Very exciting to be making some progress on my interior decorating. The tricky part is unloading and moving our current entertainment center. That should be a real booger. I want to get rid of it, but my peetie swie doesn't.

As for losing weight: Wouldn't it be nice if you could get calorie credits for the things you resist? Like Sonic, which I resisted today. I ordered the kids' meals and drove away without one of my own. Mmmm, tots. I've also resisted the oreos in the pantry and the lemon snaps. Still, no calorie creds. What's up with that?

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