May 13, 2006

Hold Please

My current cell phone has never had a call-waiting feature. When a second call comes in, my phone tells me who's calling, but it's only mocking me since it won't actually let me answer that call. I've pressed every button on that phone. Until today.

It's not that I have call-waiting that's so amazing. It's how I know I have it. I suspect something got activated when my husband added his dad to my account recently, but still, I never would've known had my mom not insisted I give it another try. She called me on her cell and then from her land line. She had me answer the land line; go back and forth between calls; hang up with one and figure out how to get back to the other one. Folks, I now have full-blown call-waiting on my cell. I'm uptown! And all because of my mama. Who else would insist as only a mom can and then walk you through the whole thing making double sure you can do it? Only a mama would.

After this and especially since tomorrow is Mother's Day do I reflect on all she's done for me. When I look at the things I do for my FM's, my mama did those things for me. When I couldn't feed myself, she fed me. When I cried, she soothed me. She picked me up from school when my mean 2nd grade teacher, Miss Black, was so mean I got sick. She bought me that first real bra the day before the 6th grade field trip. Why did my shirt have to be so clingy? She gave me volumes of advice on boys. She spent hours coaching me when I tried out for majorette and again for Flag Corps. She worried herself sick when I was out with friends. She instilled in me my affinity for neatness. She taught me well about Christ and what He did for me. She supported me through all of those hard and lonely times at A&M. She encourages me to cook more and be more patient with my children. She loves her grandchildren and thinks they're the most beautiful and intelligent children ever and she loves her son-in-law. She's always there to hear my mundane stories and my gripes. That's my mama and I love her.

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