August 29, 2006

LaFem Rehab - this one's for you

1. ONE HOMESCHOOL BOOK I'VE ENJOYED - Well-Trained Mind. Much more interesting than the Bluedorn's.


3. ONE HS RESOURCE I WISH I'D NEVER BOUGHT - Spellwell and Explode the Code. Want to buy some? Never been used.

4. ONE HS RESOURCE I ENJOYED LAST YEAR - Teaching in my pj's. Now that's resourceful!

5. ONE HS RESOURCE I WILL BE USING NEXT YEAR - Hello, McFly. Did you read #4? I will be teaching in my pj's again. Seriously though, it would have to be a real spelling curric with FM#2 and Latina Christiana (second try) with FM#1.

6. ONE HS RESOURCE I'D LIKE TO BUY - Have I not bought it all yet? G.A. Henty books. Or the perfect spelling curriculum.

7. ONE HS RESOURCE I WISH EXISTED - An Insta-Smart-in-History pill or an Amazing-Memory-for Bible-Verses pill.


9. ONE HS WEBSITE I VISIT REGULARLY - Oi vay! Tapestry of Grace.

10. I've got to come up with a good tag subject now.

August 27, 2006

Bummed. Like Totally.

The aforementioned tile is.....discontinued.

No joke. I went to the distributor this weekend to have them pull several tiles for me to look at since it has some significant variation and, alas, it is discontinued and there is only about 500 sf available.

Back to the drawing board.

Going to finish LotR tonight with CeanBounter.

August 24, 2006

I have an announcement to make...

I have picked a tile! (roar of the crowd, applause, applause)

Okay, so it's not as exciting as Sheller's, but I'll be living with it, too, for the next 18 years. At least I'm pretty sure. I have to go to the manufacturer's store and look at several of them to check the color variation. If it's a 'go' then the destruction of my house can begin!

On another note, we've started school. Celebrate good times, come on! To quote Kool and the Gang. We're off and running and doing an adequate job thanks to lesson plans. Why didn't I do these before?

On yet another note, can we believe our Shellers is preggers? This is going to be fun. Let's start thinking of names.....Sugar Snap, Snow, Crowder.

August 18, 2006

Sage Advice

You know you haven't posted in a while when your own husband accuses you of shutting down your blog.

I have been doing school stuff and scout stuff and trying to suck one last summer-ish day out of a not-so-very-summerish summer. (Sally sells seashells by the seashore.) Plus los ninos have been sick - muy malo. After a week of fevers and smoker's cough we went to the doc.

While we were waiting for the doctor to come in I thought I'd read a bit - Shakespeare, The Federalist Papers, PEOPLE magazine. FM#1 was looking at a magazine, too, and FM#2 was spinning FM#3 round and round and round on the doctor's spinny chair. Now normally this extensive wait would put me on edge (aka-make me crazy mad), but los ninos were being good and I was finding out who the 100 sexiest people were. (Hey, I might need to know that one day.)

Out of the corner of my eye I saw FM#3 go flying. Not just any flying, but an all-out horizontal, frisbee kind of flying. He landed face-down on the floor and began to sob into said floor. His well-intentioned bro had spun him too fast and, because he doesn't know any better, he wasn't holding on for dear life.

I picked him up from his horizontal position and inspected him. Sure enough, a boo-boo. Not a bump, per se. A vein to be exact. It was purple and protruding. "Everybody sit down and be quiet and don't touch that chair again for the rest of your life!" The doc came in ("breathe, breathe, say 'ah'" times 3) She mashed (hard) on the veiny area and declared, "He'll be fine."

Sinus infections. Antibiotics all around.

For the next few days, FM#3 had a bruise that ran in a rather straight line above his eyebrow. It made him look like he was frowning and mad. Nothing like a 2-1/2 year old sportin' a 'tude.

A bit of advice for the youngsters in the crowd: if you're going to fling your brother off a spinny chair, make sure you do it in the doctor's office.

August 10, 2006

Tagging - Not a Fan

But I'll succumb just this once for Su-Z-Q. Three things about each of my FM's, suitable for worldwide blog readers, of course.

1. FM#1 has a surprising sense of humor and good comedic timing.
2. He has a slightly loose tooth that won't come out even though the new tooth is growing in.
3. Doesn't complain when I ask him to unload the dishwasher.

1. FM#2 has a great pitching arm.
2. Read today without being asked.
3. Is not afraid of his big bro. Probably secretly thinks he could take him.

1. FM#3 is hanging on to this fever thing.
2. Was a post-vas, we-followed-the-doctor's-instructions baby.
3. Looks suspiciously like my lawn man.

August 7, 2006

Vedui' Il'er

Okay, forgiving the fact that I haven't read the book so I'm only going by what the movie reveals, surely I am not the only one who thinks Eowyn is better suited for Aragorn than the shallow, forever-young Arwen. And let me just say that my favorite part of The Two Towers is Helm's Deep and I love, love, love the part when the Elvish army shows up and when they all snap their heads to one side. Those Elves can fight!

Almost makes me like Orlando Bloom. Almost.