October 26, 2006

Good Day Sunshine!

Yesterday was a good day. We had tickets to the RenFest, but FM#2 has been under the weather so we had all agreed it was best for him to stay home. The morning of our would-be outing, FM#1 announced he was very sad we weren't going at which time FM#2 (aka the sick one) started sobbing. Sobbing! They really wanted to go. So I told them if we could be ready in an hour we'd go and if FM#2 started feeling bad or itchy (a reaction to his antibiotic) we'd come home.

All in agreement, say "aye". "Aye!"

Off we go with diapers and lunch and water bottles and camera and cell phone and money and.....thankfully enough umbrellas for all of us.

Wrong Turn #1 - Have you ever been driving down a road and in order to stay on that road you actually have to turn? Otherwise, the road magically becomes another road? This happened to us.

During Wrong Turn #1 a friend calls and asks where I am. "Are you here?" "I'm about ten minutes away."

Wrong, so very wrong.

My gut tells me to turn around; this way doesn't feel right. So I call CeanBounter who is at lunch with the Sox auditors and doesn't hear his phone. I turn around anyway and take the turn I should've taken in the first place. Off we go. Pretty countryside. Nice little towns. I come upon the next road I need and take a right. Which leads us to.....

Wrong Turn #2 - "Should've taken a left", says the KwikLube guy. Back we go, eating our lunch now because we need to save time thanks to my detours! Get a call from CeanBounter and he admits the maps are way too general. It's confusing to him, too.

But hey! A sign! Turn here, it says. What a concept! We make it just in time for the rain. A mizzle, a drizzle, a downpour. So pushing a stroller with one hand and holding the umbrella with the other, we meander our way through the crowds, the rain, the mud. We see some interesting characters (all G-rated 'cause this is School Days at RenFest after all), a joust, Celtic jewelry (those penannulas they used to hold their cloaks on in Eagle of the Ninth), and swords for everyone!

FM#2 was getting cold and starting to itch and we were all soaked so we sloshed our way back to the car. Dry, comfy, and munching on Pringles ("Mom, you got the King Can!").

We got back to the main intersection and I saw a sign that directed me to what I thought might be a more interesting route home. Less 80 mph traffic, more scenery. Let's go that way! Pleas from the backseat: "Mom! No!" And we find ourselves in the midst of.....

Wrong Turn #3 - After a few miles I call CeanBounter who, now at Full Alert by the phone with Google Maps on his computer, tells me I'll end up halfway to A&M if I proceed down this road. Not entirely a bad thing, mind you, but not today. So I turn the old SUV around on a dime and go back from whence I came.


The FM's have now fully loaded their arsenal with ammo for the next time Mom sets off to points unknown. My "shortcuts" turn into adventures.

October 9, 2006

LotR Update

Reading through previous posts I noticed I said I was going to finish LotR. I didn't. It really takes an investment of time! And you have to be able to stay awake.

The grocery fund had a surplus and I had some mad money so I bought all three extended editions. Now we're starting over from the beginning. FM#1 and I watched FotR already. Over three and a half hours long!

He watched Two Towers and showed me the part where Eowyn realizes Aragorn is really old. Add to that the fact that he grew up with the elves - I guess he and Arwen do make more sense together. I acquiesce. Plus, he wanted me to guess who Eowyn marries. My guess was Faramir. He wouldn't tell me if I was right or not. Said I have to watch the movie and find out. But if I am right, then - yeah!

October 6, 2006

Sentence Opener...Dress Up Anyone?

Some of you may know that I am in a panic because I can't find my IEW notebook. Okay, you may not know I'm in a panic, per se. I am. Some of you may know how expensive this writing curriculum is, hence the panicking.

I have the DVDs, but can't find the notebook anywhere and I desperately need sentence openers. Well, not me, but FM#1 needs some sentence openers. I'm sure if you asked him he wouldn't think it a desperate situation at all.

I've asked a few people to whom I might've loaned it, but they don't have it. EuroMom, poor thing, has been asking to borrow it for months now. Sad thing is she asked a procrastinator (me) so she's still waiting. ShelledPeas, remember her? She said there's an IEW notebook at church in the secretary's office. It's been there since VBS. I even remember seeing it myself. I even asked the secretary about it and she didn't know who it belonged to. Bless ShelledPeas heart, I'm hoping, hoping, hoping it's mine. Could it be mine? Would it be mine? Won't you be my notebook? Did I mention how expensive this thing was? What concerns me is, how did it get to church? I have absolutely no recollection of taking it up there. Did I loan it to someone who has left it there for over two months? I have a vague recollection of talking to someone about it, but did I loan it to them?

Remember Rehab's brain cells post? And I did not live a wild life pre-CeanBounter. Speaking of whom, I should probably block him from reading this.

UPDATE: The notebook at church was mine! All is well in the writing world.