October 9, 2006

LotR Update

Reading through previous posts I noticed I said I was going to finish LotR. I didn't. It really takes an investment of time! And you have to be able to stay awake.

The grocery fund had a surplus and I had some mad money so I bought all three extended editions. Now we're starting over from the beginning. FM#1 and I watched FotR already. Over three and a half hours long!

He watched Two Towers and showed me the part where Eowyn realizes Aragorn is really old. Add to that the fact that he grew up with the elves - I guess he and Arwen do make more sense together. I acquiesce. Plus, he wanted me to guess who Eowyn marries. My guess was Faramir. He wouldn't tell me if I was right or not. Said I have to watch the movie and find out. But if I am right, then - yeah!

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