October 6, 2006

Sentence Opener...Dress Up Anyone?

Some of you may know that I am in a panic because I can't find my IEW notebook. Okay, you may not know I'm in a panic, per se. I am. Some of you may know how expensive this writing curriculum is, hence the panicking.

I have the DVDs, but can't find the notebook anywhere and I desperately need sentence openers. Well, not me, but FM#1 needs some sentence openers. I'm sure if you asked him he wouldn't think it a desperate situation at all.

I've asked a few people to whom I might've loaned it, but they don't have it. EuroMom, poor thing, has been asking to borrow it for months now. Sad thing is she asked a procrastinator (me) so she's still waiting. ShelledPeas, remember her? She said there's an IEW notebook at church in the secretary's office. It's been there since VBS. I even remember seeing it myself. I even asked the secretary about it and she didn't know who it belonged to. Bless ShelledPeas heart, I'm hoping, hoping, hoping it's mine. Could it be mine? Would it be mine? Won't you be my notebook? Did I mention how expensive this thing was? What concerns me is, how did it get to church? I have absolutely no recollection of taking it up there. Did I loan it to someone who has left it there for over two months? I have a vague recollection of talking to someone about it, but did I loan it to them?

Remember Rehab's brain cells post? And I did not live a wild life pre-CeanBounter. Speaking of whom, I should probably block him from reading this.

UPDATE: The notebook at church was mine! All is well in the writing world.

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