September 28, 2006

It's Not Easy Being Green

Last night for dinner I made a pasta carbonara dish. I got the idea from Holly's blog except I pumped up the fat by making an alfredo sauce. Along with it I managed to tweak my sauteed haricot verts and they came out mmm, mmm, good.

Now, FM#3 takes after CeanBounter in his disgust of all things 'vegetable'. Honestly, the kid can't stand vegetables. But I made him eat the green beans. I heard someone somewhere say you had to offer something 30+ times before a child will come around. I'm up to around 20-25. Time's running out.

But I put the green beans on a fork and FM#3 willingly opened his mouth and chewed. He got the pirate face. You know, that face you get when you suck on a lemon? With the one eye that goes closed? Except these were green beans, for goodness sake! But he swallowed them.

After a while I put more on the fork and he grabbed his milk cup and started guzzling. Everytime he'd put his cup down I'd put the fork up and he'd grab the cup again. His brothers loved this show. At least I found a way to get him to drink all of his milk. Hey, that organic stuff is expensive! After a while, the milk was gone and there was no other choice than to eat the green beans. In they went.

Pirate face. Gagging. Smiling. Chewing. Gagging. Coughing.

I told him to swallow. He said, "Hold my hand."

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