June 12, 2007

National Lampoon's Appalachian Vacation

I have to tell this funny story about Clark Griswold, I mean, my Dad. He and his wife recently purchased a camper. He says it's called a hybrid. It looks like a hard-sided fifth wheel, but it has pull out beds on each end like a pop-up.

Dad and Helene took the camper out on its maiden voyage recently. They live in a lovely mountainous part of the country where the scenery is beautiful and the weather is mild.

Dad had the camper hooked up to his car. They were all ready to head for home when Helene went back inside the camper to get them each a soda for the return trip. Unknowingly, Dad took off for the dump station with camper in tow with plans to return to the campsite for Helene.

When he got to the dump station he heard this banging on the inside of the camper and wondered what it was. He opened the door and found Helene sitting on the floor of the camper - red hot mad (his words, not mine). He said he made the mistake of asking her what she was doing there.

Helene is fine, and remarkably, Dad lived to tell me this story. In his defense, he said they took separate cars so he thought she was in her own car.

I'd stick to that story if I were him; however, I bet Helene will think twice before she decides to grab a soda for him ever again!

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