June 26, 2007

I Know Him!

The other night my husband and I were watching TV. A Lowe's commercial came on. The guy in the commerical was looking at one of those high-efficiency front-loading washers and dryers. They were red.

They zoom in on this guy and I said, "That's Don Stephenson! I went to junior high and high school with him!"

CB did not believe me.

See, he has this thing. He sees people he went to high school with. All the time. Everywhere he goes. It's spooky.

Me? I never see anybody I went to high school with because I didn't go to high school here.

It was really neat seeing Don in that commercial. He looks the same - only older.

Don was very talented back in the day. He could sing and dance and act. He was funny. A real entertainer.

I found out Don was an actor when I ordered our 20th high school reunion book. There he was, living in New York. So I googled him and found out he was in The Producers and had married into a well-known Broadway family. He's Frank Loesser's son-in-law. Guys and Dolls.

What amazed me was that Don had actually pursued what to most would've been a passing fancy, a childhood interest. But it turned out that was his gift. And he's been quite successful.

When we were little and people would ask us, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" How many of us are doing that?

Not me. I thought I'd be an architect. Because Mr. Brady was an architect and the Brady's had the coolest house and I was going to grow up and be an architect and design a cool house like theirs.

So they next time you see the Lowe's commercial with the red washer and dryer and the guy getting calls from his family on his cell phone, you can say, "That's Don Stephenson! Mazy went to high school with him!"

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