September 18, 2006

Not exactly my cup of tea

I have a few ninos en mi casa. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I might one day have to buy a cup, and by that I mean the athletic-protect-your-sensitive-man-parts kind of cup. Several thoughts occurred to me:

what do they look like?

how are they installed?

how do they stay put?

do you try it on before you leave the store?

will they be bulgingly embarrassed if they end up being the only ones in class with one?

What to do?

Send the husband.

For some reason he was less than enthusiastic himself and felt perfectly confident that I could accomplish the task. In the words of Dana Carvey's George H. W. Bush, "Not gonna do it."

So CeanBounter took my bittle loys to Cups-R-Us and they came out with what might be called "the coolest cups" in the world of cups.

So we're good here.

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