July 22, 2008

I Love Beans!

On tap for the afternoon was a nice rest back at OKW.  We had a late night dinner planned for Hoop Dee Doo and we knew we'd need a nap.

It was dark by the time we started getting ready.  And it was raining heavily.

We kept hoping it would slack up, but it didn't.  We checked the local weather report on TV while we were getting ready and there was a tornado spotted in a nearby town.


We made it to the parking lot of Fort Wilderness in driving rain.  Upon opening our doors, we realized we weren't going to be able to wear our shoes as the parking lot was flooded.  CB decided we weren't going to try it anyway and hoped we could get into the lot that was closer to the bus stop.

So back out onto the main road we went.  When we got to the security gate, the guard would not let us in.  CB explained the situation and told him all the wanted to do was drop us off and then he'd come back out and park in the other lot.  The guard relented, thankfully.  It's not a pretty sight when CB is being nice and the other person is being irrational.

He dropped us off at the bus stop and by the time he got back to the other lot, it was only sprinkling.  After what seemed like a long time of waiting, the bus to Pioneer Hall finally arrived and we boarded with everyone else who had booked a late night dinner.

We had great seats two to three tables back a little to the left of the stage. The dinner was yummy and the entertainment was superb, if you like corny - and I do.

FM#2 loved the ribs and he and his brother were serenaded by Sixbits.

Yep, Magic Moment #12.

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