March 9, 2007

Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

We went camping with the Cub Scouts last weekend and my fingers are finally thawed out enough to type. It was cold, campers! How cold? I've heard it was in the 30's.

The weather was beautiful, but cold. Did I mention it was cold? Friday night when I jumped into my icy bed, the one comforting thought was that I could always go to the bath house and sleep. It was warm in there and I could just turn on the air hand dryer every now and then. But thankfully that wasn't necessary.

I hopped from fire to fire all day Saturday it seemed, to spite the fact that I was wearing three layers plus gloves and a hood. Still cold.

But the most important thing is - was I warm at night? Yes, due to warm layers, a down comforter, and two bits of advice from CeanBounter:

(1) Put on clean dry socks at night.

(2) Something must go between you and the air mattress (which in our case was a wool army blanket).

Both nights I was surprisingly toasty. Except for my nose which had to stay out from under the down comforter so I wouldn't suffocate on my own carbon dioxide.

Another good thing about the campout was the fellowship. I got to know several of my fellow Christian homeschoolers a bit better. We probably had 12 or more families there. FM#1's group of teens and pre-teens totalled probably 10 or 12. They were great! They huddled together periodically to play dice games, but they also socialized with the adults and the younger set. They even got the whole gang together for kickball and they participated in our campfire with a funny skit - all of them! They were stupendous!

Quotes from the weekend:

FM#2: This is the best campout ever!

FM#3: I want to go home. (because he was a popsicle)
This campout is really hard! (because he was still a popsicle)

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