December 14, 2006

Pu-khan' or Pee'-can?

Today's the day. Can't you hear Rod Stewart singing "Tonight's the Night"? That song always creeped me out. Hey, what's the deal with us talking about the Rodster so much lately? See EuroMom's post for more.

Anyhoooo, today I will attempt to make pecan pralines. I am doing this for my husband's staff at work. No pressure, just ten boxes -- that's five batches, folks. FIVE BATCHES!!!

I figured I'd get started today so if it's a flop (HolyChow promises it's easy) I'll have the weekend to figure out something else. A couple of years ago we got them all a nice bottle of wine. I loved this option because it was one stop shopping, easy gift wrapping, and well, who doesn't love wine?

Apparently, someone on my husband's staff because they gave us a bottle of wine last year and I think it was literally The Same Wine we gave them the year before. Or maybe they thought we liked that particular wine since we gave it as a gift - in which case they'd be correct.

I'll let you know how the candy making goes. Meanwhile, if any of you have any great gift ideas that require a credit card rather than a stove stop, fess up, and save me from this chore!

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