July 19, 2006

Mmm, Peanut Butter

It's been a blow slog week. Things have been either too mundane or too salacious to write about, but I'll give it go.

A friend called the other day to ask me two things: (1) if I wanted to go to an informational meeting about a co-op and (2) since it was near my house, could she leave her son here during the meeting. Yes, to both counts. Really, whether I went to the meeting or not her son was welcome. Are you kidding me? An impromptu visit from a friend? To play? I can just hear it now, "Mom! You're the greatest! We love you! What can we do for you, oh, Beloved Mother?"

I was still basking in Fun Mom Status from last week. FM#1 planned a patrol meeting and in order for one of the guys to make it we brought him home from a birthday party the day before to spend the night. I had seven Boy Scouts in my house on Friday. They were good kids. Worked hard. Produced a good looking patrol flag. Anyhoooo, the look on FM#1's face was most excellent when I told him Adam was coming over.

Now, I wasn't looking for a co-op, mind you, but thought I'd go anyway to check it out. I hadn't seen the hostess in forever and at the very least I'd get to spend time conversing with other women. While we were gone CeanBounter and the boys taught our guest how to play poker, quarters, dominoes.

So I went and the co-op looked good, oh so good. In attendance were four women I knew and liked plus others I had met here or there. Good crowd. The cooperative effort would be to teach ToG Year 2, but they were starting in Unit 3. This sounded pretty good because we're in Year 2 although Week 8. No prob. We could work around that. The classes are grouped according to Lower Grammar, Upper Grammar, etc. which means my little FM#2 would have his own little Lower Grammar class complete with age appropriate material and projects. They primarily concentrate on history, literature, and timeline. They add in some geography and vocabulary every now and then. The hands-on is done there. And the best part is they do NOT generate writing assignments every week - maybe a report here or there or an oral presentation. And they do not grade anything. And the first semester ends before Thanksgiving. Oh, and did I mention they have a nursery? See? Good!

Now the bad news. It's almost 45 minutes away. Yuck. Ick. Boo hiss. I joined a local homeschool support group in order to be able to have groups like this close to me. I am tired of driving to that side of town. I did it for three years for scouts. ShelledPeas and I have been doing our own little co-op and if she wanted to join this one it would be over an hour drive for her from Tornado Alley! I even put out an email on my local group's email loop asking if there were any co-ops out here. Wouldn't it be great to find another one like this and close to home? It's been two days. No takers. Absolutely none. Crap. What to do.....

So, today we're having lunch with Grandpop. Hoping to bring over rice krispie treats. We're trying them with peanut butter.

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