September 6, 2012

Adieu, Mickey Bar

Before you panic and think I'm announcing that Mickey bars will no longer be available in the Parks, take a look at this:

That's what used to be my antenna topper.  It survived drought, rain, freezing weather, temperatures in excess of 100 degrees, and speeds in excess of 70 mph.

Then one day my oldest noticed that it was missing.  All that was left was the brown nubby stick clinging ever so tightly to my antenna.  We were surprised because in spite of all Mickey Bar had gone through, it never seemed to loosen its grip.  So, where could it be?  How long had Mickey been missing?  What evil force decapitated Mickey Bar?  What mayhem snatched it from its perch?

"I wonder if it came off when we went under those trees at the bank the other day?" mused my eldest.

So, the next day we found ourselves driving by the bank and decided to turn in and see if maybe, just maybe, Mickey Bar was there.  We pulled into the drive-through which is a single car width lane that curves around the right side of the bank taking your car literally through an overhang of hefty tree limbs and snaking around the backside of the building to emerge on the left side of the bank where the windows are.

My son got out of the car and began to look around.

What were the odds that this was the place we lost Mickey Bar?  And even if it was, what were the odds that Mickey Bar would still be there instead of whisked away by nature's forces or the local lawn crew?

Then, from my vantage point behind the steering wheel, I saw my son bend over and upon standing exclaims, "Here it is!"  There was Mickey Bar on the wet, gravelly ground underneath the sagging, droopy trees that hang over the lane!

We brushed the dirt off Mickey Bar, celebrated mightily amongst ourselves, congratulated Mickey Bar's hero and rescuer, and marvelled at Mickey Bar's resilience.

So what would become of Mickey Bar?  He would never again be so firmly fused with his stick to serve atop my antenna with such stoic determination against the elements.  What would be his fate?

Fear not, Mickey Bar lovers.  This antenna topper lives on to bring a smile to my face...

Viva, la Mickey Bar!

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