March 13, 2012

Where Did Those Come From?

Look at them all!

These lovelies were in the envelope of my vacation binder. I had no idea we had so many!  Many are Fastpasses, but some are Child Swaps/Rider Switch passes.  I think I printed out the Big Thunder ticket just so I'd have one with the Big Thunder logo on it.  We love Big Thunder Mountain.

I was surprised by the shear number of Fastpasses we came home with.  The Toy Story Mania passes went unused as we never made it back to Hollywood Studios that day.  For the rest, I guess we just didn't need to use the Fastpass line once our window rolled around.  But that doesn't explain the lone Peter Pan Fastpass.  I wonder if my oldest opted out of that one.  Maybe a bathroom break?  It definitely wasn't my husband because he loves Peter Pan's Flight.  He thinks "flying" in a ship is cool.

Ah, just look at them.  All the pretty colors!

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